Thanks for visiting our Website.  We have been playing short mat bowls in the local area of Scotton, Harrogate and Knaresborough since the 1990's and actively promote bowls for all ages. We meet 5 times per week all year round.

We play socially and in various leagues competitively.  We have a wide range of abilities from new beginners to players who play for our national team.

We welcome visitors at any time and will provide coaching at all levels.

New players are welcome, please feel free to come and watch, play or just come for a chat and a cup of tea and biscuits 

New starters are welcome and we will provide initial coaching to introduce you to the rules and techniques of bowling.  If you require more information please phone or email the secretary.

Shortmat bowling is suitable for any age.  The game is played on a mat  approx 45 feet long and 6 feet wide.  Each player will take it in turn to bowl, each player will have up to 4 bowls.  The object of the game is to be nearest to the Jack at the end of the end.  The winning team is the team who has the highest number of bowls near the jack

We play at Scotton village hall on Mondays, Wednesday  (winter only)  and Fridays  and Knaresborough Community centre every Thursday


Please contact: Derek Beardsley 

Tel:     01423 864418      Email: derek.beardsley@btinternet.com

Link: Application form

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